AK-15 Two-legs Sofa Spring Clip

Product Name: AK-15 Two-legs Sofa Spring Clip

Packing: 1000pcs/roll, 35000pcs/pallet

Air Pressure: 60 – 100 PSI

Voltage: 220V


Significant features of automatic equipment:

How to increase your productivity immediately? It’s easy, please use the Hengtao Brand T1000 automatic clipping machine, this automatic machine allows you to clip sofa spring clips three times faster than the semi-automatic machine and ten times faster than the handle machine.This machine is designed with features that you will not to adjust at anywhere and it is easy to operate, any operator can finish the operation in a few minutes. In addition, its design features and durable construction provide us with unparalleled support. This T1000 machine will become your best choice.

“All in one” product design: we design this machine and product can use all the fixed line in specially for the sofa and chairs needs,no matter it is used with vertical or horizontal’s fix, this machine’s design allows you make the flexibly change as per your needs and requirement change.